We offer a full range of engineering solutions including but not limited to Mechanical & Electrical systems, process systems, utilities, and infrastructure. In conjunction with our trusted partners, we are ready to carry out an complete overhaul in terms of design services - architectural, civil and structural engineering.

Traffic Design

  • Traffic-engineering consultancy including a full range of professional services in transportation planning and traffic engineering design and implementation.

    • Common and Site-Specific Short-term Traffic Management Plans for Permits
    • Single & Dual Lane Closure, Shoulder & Road Closure
    • Detour Route, Two-Way Traffic Pattern
    • Sign Positioning & Flagging
    • Lane Shift & Special Events


  • Cost estimates for materials and labor to determine a project's economic feasibility - encompassing much of what defines modern infrastructure.

    • Site design
    • Grading and roadway layout
    • Culvert design
    • Retaining wall layout
    • GIS overlay
    • DEP permitting
    • Zoning help
    • Specialist Engineer Statement


  • The assessment of the application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism in general, helping integrate physical technologies, hardware, and software systems.

    • Utility Network
    • Power Circulation
    • Emergency Power Facilities
    • Backup Systems
    • Lighting Design
    • Life Safety Systems
    • Building Systems Evaluations
    • Arc Flash & Coordination Studies
    • Energy Administration

Environmental and Geotechnical Services

  • A healthy environment for the nation’s population - disposing of waste, providing safe drinking water, controlling environmental hazards, improving recycling, and decreasing soil, water, and air pollution.

    • Environment Restoration
    • Lead paint and asbestos research studies
    • Area 106 research studies
    • NEPA reports
    • Geotechnical analyses
    • Soil resistivity evaluation
    • Construction stage analysis


  • The management of global infrastructure through the collection, measuring, monitoring, and archiving of geospatial data.

    • GIS Data Design & Mapping
    • Servicing & Data Conversion
    • Data Interpretation & Examination
    • Spatial & 3D Analsysis
    • Highways / Mapping

Industrial Water Supply

  • Application of engineering principles and techniques of scientific management to the maintenance of an optimal level of productivity at optimum cost in industrial enterprises.

    • Industrial Waste Studies
    • Headworks Examination & Long-term Monitoring
    • NPDES Permit Negotiation, Pretreatment Permit Concurrence
    • Regulatory Negotiations, Regulatory Conformity Planning
    • Sewer Use Ordinance & Enforcement Reaction Plan Improvement
    • Treatment System Design, Construction Oversight & Operation
    • In-Plant Sampling Applications & Waste Characterization Research
    • Comprehensive Wastewater Management Programs
    • Groundwater Compliance
    • Environmental Submission, Pollution Avoidance Audits
    • Industrial Staff Instruction & Corporate Concurrence Seminars
    • Security Training & Threat Assessment


  • Design, manufacturing, testing, and improvement of mechanical systems, which are used in virtually any industry one can think of.

    • Conducting research into the feasibility, design, operation and performance of mechanisms, components and devices
    • Planning and managing assignments, cost and timing estimations, reports and design requirements for equipment and systems
    • Analyzing dynamics and vibrations of mechanical systems and buildings
    • Developing routine maintenance specifications, schedules and applications and provide assistance to industrial upkeep crews
    • Investigating mechanical problems or unexpected upkeep problems
    • Selecting supplies for product requirements when it comes to toughness, weight, cost and safety
    • Mining

Oil, Gas & Petroleum

  • Production of oil and gas in an efficient, economical, and environmentally safe manner with the help of smart engineering solutions.

    • Tap/regulator station design and style
    • Transmission design
    • Distribution systems
    • Hydraulic modeling
    • Procurement

Wastewater Solutions

  • The removal of impurities from wastewater, or sewage, before they reach aquifers or natural bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and oceans.

    • Industrial Waste Research
    • Headworks Evaluation & Long-term Monitoring
    • NPDES Permit Mediation, Pretreatment Permit Concurrence
    • Regulatory Discussions, Regulating Compliance Planning
    • Sewer Use Regulation & Administration Reaction Plan Development
    • Treatment System Design, Building Oversight & Procedure
    • In-Plant Sampling Programs & Waste Characterization Research
    • Complete Wastewater Management Applications
    • Groundwater Conformity
    • Environmental Compliance, Pollution Prevention Audits
    • Industrial Personnel Training & Corporate Compliance Seminars
    • Security Training & Threat Analysis

Transmission Engineering

  • Innovative engineering services to design, maintain, or upgrade power delivery systems in a cost-effective, safe, timely, and reliable manner.

    • Ranking evaluation
    • Path preparation
    • Upgrades and rebuilds
    • Line layout
    • Structure design
    • Structure investigation
    • LiDAR control
    • Devices specs
    • Procurement
    • Line optimization
    • Clearance infraction reporting